We are currently in open beta.

While Art Crawl is publicly available, it is not considered finished. You may experience bugs and missing features, but that is why we need your feedback and support.

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Question: How much art is out there in the wild? Answer: We don't know.

With Leeds Art Crawl, we're hoping to decrease the gap of that knowledge to a better ballpark figure. For this to happen, we'll need everyone in Leeds (or just the really enthusiastic few) to simply take a photo of any art they come across and tweet it with the hashtag.

We like to think of this as, "Putting the public into public art."

Imagine this scenario if you will: You're meeting a friend at a pub. On the way, you see art! You take a photo and tweet it with the hashtag, #LeedsArtCrawl. Suddenly, you're on the lookout for more art. Don't stray from the path, though! This is not about setting aside extra time away from your usual daily routine to find art, it's about finding art during your usual dailyness.

Locations turned on would give us more information to attach to each art "found" but it isn't necessary. We realise this would sometimes be troublesome and sometimes we forget to even turn it on or know how to.

With the photos submitted, we'll get a more detailed picture of places where art lives or where they used to be. In the future, it would be great if we knew how well these artworks are preserved in their current state or even if they have been vandalized or in need of repair or moved from a previous location.

Question: How is this a game? Answer: It is.

We're building from scratch. We don't have enough data to see what we can do with the information yet. Our initial plan is to focus on actual Art Crawls - snapping as many photos of art you can find in one go. Photos we can plot on a map which you can then share with anyone you want. This does, however, rely heavily on locations being turned on when you tweet!

Scores will then be given based on the length of your crawls, along with badges and achievements and even a title you can choose to display on your very own profile page. There will be a leaderboard to display the top or featured Art Crawlers / Curators along with a huge map of Leeds of all the art crawled to the present day.

You can also give your crawls themes, tag and group them - "Modern Art Crawl for busy, modern people", "I like long walks of art", "Leeds Street Art by midnight" etc. - maybe you could go on and organise on your own actual art crawl, in real life! All that you need is a keen personal interest in discovering your own personal art route.

Ultimately, we hope for you to be aware of your own data and how it becomes open data; how it is being used, how it can be manipulated and that the data is out there, publicly accessible and shared for the benefit of others.

Presently, at its current phase, we're slowly getting data trickling in but there has been about a 80/20 split of participants with locations turned off and locations turned on. This would make it hard to map the art since photos without locations would simply not display on a map! To counteract, we will be providing options for you to manually add the locations of your photos by logging in to the website.


Leeds Art Crawl is a tool to generate real-time location based data. As Twitter is the most popular platform for broadcasting and sharing media today, building upon this makes the most sense.

Twitter is also the method for authentication when logging in and the way with which we attach photos via tweets with locations. This makes it possible to group the photos by dates to produce a route; an art crawl.

We do not store any of the images on a database and depend on those images existing on your Twitter accounts. We need you to be accountable for your own data; if you delete your tweets, the image will not exist on the website and this may have an effect on your art crawls.

What we do keep is the meta-information attached to each tweet, ie. location, twitter message, size of image, hashtags used and the Twitter user posting that tweet - basic stuff.

We are using Google Maps JavaScript API v3 for all map related activities. By parsing the data collected from the tweets, we are able to display the photos that have locations attached to them and link them to their own individual pages along with user information.

If you want to use Instagram, you'll still need a Twitter account to play. Since Twitter does not post Instagram images as native photos, you'll have to activate your accounts via IFTTT (If this, then that) on both services to allow this so that we’re able to display your photos on the website. Check out how we've made it easier for you to this!

Data collected is released as open data (JSON feed) and the technology behind Leeds Art Crawl is released as open source (Source Code).

Meta-information can also be found on Leeds Data Mill.


Leeds Art Crawl, a workshop at Driving Digital - Audiences NI, Duncairn Arts Centre, Belfast.

Art + #Twitter = Open Data, a breakout Session at Disruptive Influence - engage International Conference 2014, Northern Ballet, Leeds.

You can view the Storify here and the slides here.

We've also been invited to give talks about the project at various events.

A talk delivered for Culture In Numbers by Leeds Data Mill at ODI Leeds.

Guest speaking on understanding placemaking, open data and museums for Digital Identity Seminars by Museum De Lakenhal in The Netherlands.


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Leeds Art Crawl is not affiliated with any organisations and is independantly run entirely by volunteers, fueled entirely on passion and the belief that art is everywhere and for everyone. If you would like to help this project or contribute in any way, get in touch!

For all inquires, please contact: shi@wetgenes.com or follow @ArtCrawlClub